At the core of Learning Well is the belief that every child has an innate talent. With that, we live to help every child realize their unique talents in order to fulfill their potential in life.

  • Develop and nurture young minds
  • Providing the best learning environment
  • Helping our young minds realize their hidden potential
  • Upholding the highest education standards
  • Looking after the psychological and philosophical well being
  • Inculcate good manners and decorum

Our Learning Environment

With our strong beliefs, the learning environment is designed and purpose-built to stimulate learning. Special attention has been placed in these four core areas:

  • Space and activities
  • Lighting and air circulation
  • Colour and psychology
  • Safety and ergonomics

A learning environment that is safe and sound is very important and can make a world of difference in our children ability and desire to learn. Our campus is specially designed to enable learning in ways best suited to their mental level and physical built.

Since every experience is a learning opportunity, Learning Well’s campus is designed and built to amplify learning. Our science garden, water play and sand play corners and playground are some of the built environments that assist their learning.

A Green Campus

Our campus, a learning garden in its own rights showcase our effort in greening the school ground and facilities while integrating learning elements among them to enhance our children learning experience.

Safe Campus

Security and safety of our children is our priority. Hence the campus complies with the Crime Prevention Design Index (CPDI) design requirements assuring high safety and security standard.


photos of school and environment